How can you spark a child’s love for learning right from the start?

Imagine a classroom where children are highly engaged, and educators artfully and intentionally guide development throughout the day. You can find classrooms like this across Virginia where STREAMin³ is in action.

STREAMin³ is a comprehensive curriculum model for birth-to-five classrooms that seamlessly blends a focus on academic and social-emotional learning.


Get the Curriculum

We are excited to announce that, through support and funding from the Virginia Department of Education, access to STREAMin³, a birth-to-five curriculum option, is currently available for publicly funded programs in Virginia.

Watch this short video to learn more about us.

View a snapshot of the curriculum and how we got started.
Teacher with infant and toddler engaged in play.

Our curriculum empowers children to be active learners.

We’re more than just a curriculum. See how it all fits together.

STREAMin³ Implemented

STREAMin³ has been tried and tested by infant, toddler, and preschool programs all over the state of Virginia. Read about our curriculum, and see the findings from the pilot evaluation.

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