About STREAMin³

At STREAMin³, we’re all about sparking a love for learning. We inspire little minds to think big, be problem-solvers, and embrace their identities and curiosity – setting them up for success in kindergarten and beyond!

We’re more than just a curriculum. In addition to engaging activities and routines, we focus on building educators’ toolboxes – empowering them to make STREAMin³ their own with baked-in, supportive professional development.

Today, we were scientists as we collaborated to tend to our community gardens full of healthy food!

How We Started

STREAMin³ was built out of a need – a need for one curriculum that could support children’s social-emotional and academic skills, all the way from birth to five.

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Who We Are

STREAMin³ is based on the latest research in children’s development and early learning. Meet the team who designed and supports our curriculum model.

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A Team Effort

The development and implementation of STREAMin³ is a collaborative effort between researchers, educators, policy makers, and other advocates.

Hallmarks of STREAMin3

A Focus on the Child

Child-led activities, routines, and interactions that foster creative thinking and learning.

A Comprehensive Approach

An integrated focus on academic and social-emotional skills with a scope and sequence that spans from birth to age 5.

A Toolbox for Teachers

A curriculum that aligns with on-going, data-driven professional development so teachers can make STREAMin³ their own.

Embracing Each & Every Learner

Instruction and interactions that are responsive to individuals’ and groups’ starting points and ensure equitable opportunities to meet the needs of each and every child.

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