Past and Present

It all started with a simple question: How can we design a curriculum that provides high-quality experiences for our youngest learners?

Today, we were scientists as we collaborated to tend to our community gardens full of healthy food!

Where We Began

The STREAMin3 curriculum model was developed at The Center for Advanced Study of Teaching and Learning (CASTL) at the University of Virginia’s School of Education and Human Development, in collaboration with and funding from Elevate Early Education (E3).

E3 developed a model demonstration preschool called The New E3 School in Norfolk, VA, and wished for an integrated and comprehensive birth through preschool curriculum and professional development model that could be used within The New E3 School and be replicated and scaled across a variety of early childhood education programs.

Researchers from CASTL, led by Amanda Williford, Ph.D., Kate Matthew, M.S., and Bridget Hamre, Ph.D., partnered with teachers and leaders at The New E3 School so our team could design and refine the curriculum model.

Expanding Through Public and Private Partnerships

Through strong advocacy from Elevate Early Education, public and private support has allowed CASTL to pilot the STREAMin3 curriculum model in a variety of private, state, and federal early childhood programs in Virginia.

Spreading Across Virginia

STREAMin3 Across Virginia

In 2018, state funding from the Virginia Department of Social Services allowed STREAMin3 to pilot the curriculum model in 50 private and faith-based early childhood classrooms (birth to five) across Virginia.

STREAMin3 in Western Tidewater

To complement the state’s investment, the Obici Healthcare Foundation provided additional support in 2018 to expand the STREAMin3 pilot to 50 additional state- or federally-funded classrooms in Western Tidewater, Virginia.

STREAMin3 in Alleghany

To complement the state’s investment, the Alleghany Foundation contributed additional support in 2019 to expand the STREAMin3 pilot to 12 additional state-funded classrooms in the Alleghany Highlands region of Virginia.

Piloting STREAMin3

The STREAMin3 curriculum pilot was implemented across the state of Virginia during the 2019-2021 school years with extensive data collection in participating pilot classrooms. The pilot evaluation helped to further enhance the STREAMin3 model’s ability to best serve children and to guide future use of the curriculum and professional development supports.

2022 Statewide Access Rollout

Thanks to a partnership with VDOE, the STREAMin3 curriculum is currently available at low-to-no-cost option
for any birth-to-five programs in Virginia.



(as of June 2022)



July, 2022



Registration for virtual onboarding training (registration closed July 23rd). Training to introduce the curriculum and prepare programs to start implementing STREAMin3.

July, 2022
August, 2022


Onboarding training offered across multiple time slots.
Zoom links sent about a week prior to sessions.

Zoom Links

August, 2022
STREAMin3 Curriculum
September, 2022

All Programs
Begin Weekly Implementation

Programs assigned an Implementation Specialist to support implementation across the 2022-2023 school year. Implementation Specialists will answer ongoing questions and help each program navigate the Deeper Dive training.  

September, 2022
Ready Regions/VA ITSN
November, 2022

Curriculum Training

Train the Trainer (TTT) curriculum training for select representatives from Ready Regions and VA ITSN to provide an additional source of support for programs using STREAMinacross all service areas. 

November TTT Dates:

  • Option 1: Nov. 2, 3
  • Option 2: Nov. 9, 10


November, 2022
Weekly Sessions
September – December, 2022

Weekly Sessions

Weekly Ask STREAMin3 sessions covering general questions and providing opportunity for educators using STREAMin3 to connect with each other.

September – December, 2022
Deeper Dive
January – May, 2023

Deeper Dive Training

All programs will participate in online Deeper Dive training with weekly virtual support from their Implementation Specialists. 

  • Deeper Dive Cohort 1 (January 9-March 17th) 
  • Deeper Dive Cohort 2 (March 20-May 26th) 
January – May, 2023
Late Winter, 2023

Enrollment Begins 2023 – 2024 Academic Year!

We will provide updated timelines and information in
January 2023

Late Winter, 2023

Want To Know More?

We are excited to announce that, through support and funding from the
Virginia Department of Education, STREAMin3 is currently available as an option
for publicly-funded birth-to-five programs in Virginia at low-to-no cost.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us
(855) 787-6463 |