The Curriculum Model

Activities and routines that focus on the interactions that matter most.

Today, we built our "think" skills by actively exploring mud and our "relate" skills by sharing with our friends!

A Comprehensive Approach

Five Core Skills and Six STREAM Skills

No need for multiple, separate curricula to cover all the academic and social skills or all the ages in your program. STREAMin³ covers it all. Spanning birth to five, our curriculum integrates five Core Skills and six STREAM skills that form the building blocks for later learning and that prepare children for success in kindergarten and beyond.

STREAMin³ activities, routines, and materials are designed to support these skills in engaging and culturally sensitive ways. Our activities and resources are structured enough to promote important interactions that support Core and STREAM Skill development, and flexible enough to connect with each child’s unique learning needs, culture, and background. Educators are encouraged to get to know their children and families and to use their own creativity and expertise to adapt the curriculum to suit their classroom. We also provide opportunities for continued development of these skills through Family Engagement resources.

Intentional Teaching Practices

A child’s interactions between teachers and peers are what matter most. The in³ of STREAMin³ is all about ensuring interactions are intentionally integrated across the day, across the ages, and across the Core Skills. To make the most of these interactions, we combine what we know about how children develop and learn best with an understanding of the skills they need. The result are a series of targeted, Intentional Teaching Practices that best support children’s development and learning. In each activity, Intentional Teaching Practices are presented that align with the Core and STREAM Skills of focus.

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Curriculum Features

Weekly Activity Guides

Each week, daily activities and provocations focused around the key STREAM and Core Skills are laid out in a scope and sequence. Intentional Teaching Practices guide teachers to get the most out of each activity and effectively foster children's developing skills.

Core Skill Guides

A guide that breaks down each Core Skill (Relate, Regulate, Think, Communication, and Move). It explains what each skill is, how it typically develops, and how to best support its development in young children.

Setting the Stage Guides

Learning doesn't just happen during planned activities. These guides help teachers plan how to support the five Core Skills throughout the day, in different settings, and within daily routines.

Games and Activity Cards

A series of games for preschoolers support STREAM and Core Skills in the motivating context of play, while activity cards are quick, fun and simple ways to extend the core skills throughout the day for children of all ages.

View Curriculum Examples

Download our sample activities, guides, games, and resources to get a feel for STREAMin³.
Week at-a-Glance

Weekly Guide

Lays out themes, activities, routines, and Core Skills of focus.

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Today we were artists and scientists as we creatively explored and experimented with painting with fallen leaves to compare how they are the same or different from other tools.
Painting With Leaves

Preschool Activity

Integrates a focus on science, art, and building children's sense of self.

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Today, we built our "think" skills by actively exploring mud and our "relate" skills by sharing with our friends!
Measuring Mud

Preschool Activity

Integrates a focus on math, science, inquiry, and cooperation skills.

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Today, we were artists as we freely created outside and we used our "relate" skills to collaborate and share with our friends!
Mixing Colors with Friends

Toddler Activity

Integrates a focus on science, art, observation and cooperation.

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Core Skills Guide

Shares how Core Skills develop and are best supported.

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Parts of the Day Guide

Highlight how Core Skills can be flexibly integrated into daily routines.

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Provide a focus on learning and developing Core Skills in a fun and engaging way.

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Activity Cards

Infuse STREAM and Core Skills into daily routines for all ages.

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Core Skills Routine

Shares how Core Skills Routines are implemented and best supported.

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STREAM Story Activity

Highlighting STREAM and Core Skills in shared daily reading and learning.

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Family Engagement Activity

Shares how families can assist in supporting Core Skill development at home.

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Want More Information?

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