Professional Development

Our curriculum model is paired with a data-driven professional development approach that builds a teacher’s toolbox.

A coach talking with with two teachers.

Ongoing and Individualized Coaching

Too often, a curriculum ends up sitting on a shelf collecting dust or is used in pieces. STREAMin3 is more than just a box of materials- it’s a comprehensive model that includes the ongoing, professional development (PD) educators need to make the curriculum come alive in their classroom. 

How does it work? Coaches, leaders, teachers, and teaching assistants partner to increase their understanding of the curriculum, observe children’s interactions and experiences, and analyze how to build on personal strengths to improve their interactions and implementation. 

Components of STREAMin3 PD


Coaches meet regularly with teachers, teaching assistants, and leaders to collaborate on goals and action steps.


Coaches observe (live or recorded), model, and provide ongoing feedback to support curriculum implementation and modification.

Group PD sessions

Programs meet regularly to increase understanding of the curriculum and work towards common goals.

Make it Your Own

Our curriculum is not a one-size-fits-all approach. Through on-going coaching and support, teachers are encouraged and empowered to modify STREAMin3 activities and routines, all while staying true to the Core Skill objectives and Intentional Teaching Practices. Coaches help teachers to develop a deep understanding of the curriculum so they can successfully adapt it to meet the needs of each child in their classroom.  

Teacher and toddlers play on carpet. Teacher holds a block in her hand as a child reaches for it
The STREAMin3 curriculum is like a really solid house, but the coaching and flexible approach allows us to do what we know is best for the kids in our room.
Preschool Teacher
A teacher and principal reviewing data and the curriculum.

What Data-Driven Means

At STREAMin3, we know professional development is best when it’s tailored to the needs of each child, teacher, and program.  And we do that by using data. STREAMin3 coaches use data (classroom observations, child assessments, and teacher feedback) to design group PD sessions and coaching that supports individuals right where they are.   This means that everyone- from teachers who are new to the very experienced – are engaged, challenged, and supported.