Using Assessments

STREAMin³ uses observation and assessment tools to take the guesswork out of teaching and professional development.

Ongoing Implementation Support

At STREAMin³, we know teaching and learning both work best when they’re tailored to the needs of each child, teacher, and early learning program. We do that by using data. STREAMin³ uses formative assessments, implementation checklists, and progress-monitoring assessments to adapt instruction as needed and to design professional development that truly supports improvement.

Observation and assessment tools can be a powerful way to monitor progress by assessing the strengths of a program and planning to best support the needs of children and teachers.

Formative Assessments

The STREAMin³ formative assessments are quick check-ins that are easy to use on a regular basis. Teachers use their knowledge and observations to identify where children are in their development across the five Core Skills and then make a plan to best support each child right where they are.  There are resources for collaborating with families by sharing and discussing these observations and plans.

Implementation Checklists

Educators need the best support and resources to learn and implement a high-quality, comprehensive curriculum.  STREAMin³ provides simple-to-use observation checklists for leaders to use during their regular classroom observations so they can have a shared lens to provide targeted support to educators.

A teacher making a note in her notebook.

Progress-Monitoring Assessments

STREAMin³ highly recommends that early childhood programs use standardized, reliable, observational or direct child assessments to measure the quality of teacher-child interactions, as well as children’s readiness for kindergarten. Using progress monitoring assessments can be a powerful way to assess the strengths of a program and make plans to best support the needs of children and teachers.

These assessments are not a part of the STREAMin³ curriculum package and can be purchased or acquired separately.  

Teacher administering an progress-monitoring assessment

Want More Information

If you would like more information or guidance on how various assessment tools can be paired with the STREAMin³ curriculum model, don’t hesitate to call us at 855-STRMIN3 (855) 787-6463
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