Partnering with Families

STREAMin³ helps programs connect with families through regular communication and shared resources.

Parent and child pointing at a letter in book.

Supporting the Home-School Connection

Just as relationships between teachers and children are critical, so are those between teachers and families. We know families are the best experts about their child’s learning, at home and at school.

STREAMin³ helps programs and teachers work together with families by promoting regular communication, shared resources, and reciprocal, warm, and respectful interactions that are sensitive to each family’s needs, background, and culture. We know children learn best when teachers get to know families and use that knowledge to inform their use of the curriculum and their interactions with children.

Woman and boy in preschool classroom play with stacking blocks


STREAMin³ for Families

Introducing the Curriculum

Resources for engaging with families around the curriculum, helping set the stage for each family to get involved based on their possibilities.

Weekly Updates

Weekly letters focused on the Core Skills offering simple and easy ideas on how to connect learning at school to home.

Quarterly Reports

Quarterly reports about children’s development of the Core Skills and plans for supporting their growth.

Ongoing Communication

Supports for seeking and using information from families to align instruction with children’s home experiences, as well as ways to share ongoing observations about a child’s development with their family.

This program has helped my child be more confident and independent. She has improved greatly in her ability to share, clean up, and control her emotions. She loves her school and teachers!
child's hands digging with a shovel in dirt
STREAMin³ Parent