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Learn more about who we are, find opportunities to connect, and continue to grow with the STREAMin³ Curriculum


The STREAMin³ Digital Curriculum Portal is live, with the curriculum guides and resources you need to support implementation in your program. If you or your staff are enrolled and need access, please complete the request form.

New to STREAMin³? Have new staff or new classrooms gearing up to start next year? Good News! Click below to find out all you need to know about the curriculum and Summer Onboarding!


We offer a variety of support so STREAMin³ becomes second nature


Free Online Course

We’ve launched a new online course called, “A Deeper Dive into STREAMin³”! In this free course, we’ll build on the foundational knowledge you gained in onboarding. 

We’ll “dive deeper” by exploring STREAMin³’s Core Skill Focus of the Week (CSFOW) framework. This framework offers a structured way for you to enhance your daily interactions with young children.

We are also offering extra support throughout this course in discussion groups and trainer tools. Have questions? Reach out to your Implementation Specialist, or to our hotline.


Deeper Dive into STREAMin³ Snack & Chat

Want to get even more out of your Deeper Dive online course? We regularly host Virtual Deeper Dive Snack & Chat sessions where you can:

  • Connect with other educators and our coaches across Virginia on Zoom
  • Share with and learn from others about the Deeper Dive ideas, videos, and activities
  • Earn up to 5* FREE PD hours! 

Each group will meet weekly for 10 sessions. We hope you will join us for all 10 weeks, but we know you may not be able to make it every time. That’s okay! Current groups meet from March 20th through May 27th.

All Snack & Chats are offered in English, and we also offer some groups in both English and Spanish. Register for the day and time that works best for you!

*There are 10 sessions in total. You can earn 0.5 hours per session attended for a possible total of 5 PD hours.

Excited to InterACT
STREAMin³ representatives presented in-person at the TeachStone® Conference, InterACT CLASS Summit on April 19th. Read more about how STREAMin³ is playing a crucial role in improving childhood outcomes in Virginia!
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