The first five years of a child’s life are an exciting and critical time for development. Young brains are growing more in these years than during any other point in life. 

The STREAMin3 curriculum model is designed to capitalize on these critical years. Based on the latest research in early child development and education, our curriculum helps teachers tap into how young children learn best.

Teacher with infant and toddler engaged in play.
Today, we were artists as we freely created outside and we used our

In Their Own Words

From infancy to preschool, hear how STREAMin3 is making a difference in how teachers are able to prepare young children for the kindergarten classroom and beyond.

Today we were artists and scientists as we creatively explored and experimented with painting with fallen leaves to compare how they are the same or different from other tools.

Why We're Different

At STREAMin3, we know children learn best when they’re active learners – engaged in hands-on activities and exploration. We strive to instill a love of learning.

With STREAMin3, every day was a new adventure with my students. It was so rewarding to see their little minds at work as they learned to accomplish new tasks and discovered they were capable of so much on their own.

— Preschool Teacher

More About Us

We foster children’s early learning along six STREAM and five Core skills. Get to know what this curriculum is all about.

Young children moving and jumping in the classroom.

More Than a Curriculum

STREAMin3 is a curriculum model with ongoing professional development to help teachers thrive as well.

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Ready to Get Started?

Find out how you can get started with the curriculum or take a look at schools who are using STREAMin3.