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From infancy to preschool, STREAMin³ helps educators guide young children to become engaged and passionate learners. Educators notice how their interactions are more intentional and make a difference. Parents see their children gain important social-emotional and academic skills that are critical for kindergarten and beyond. Read in their own words how the model is embraced by early childhood educators and families.

Young boy on the playground.

Relationships are everything and STREAMin³ gets it!

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A Teacher's Story

Starting at the age of two, I have always made it known that I wanted to teach! I have witnessed the growth that STREAMin³ presents to all young learners. The five Core Skills and Intentional Teaching Practices break down how teachers can foster positive relationships, self-regulation, communication, and critical thinking skills. Watching my students use the language I have taught them makes me want to squeeze them with pride that the routines are working. In turn, I have gained so much more confidence and classroom-management skills.

A Parent's Story

My son attended school from age 16 months to 5 years.  I can’t say enough about the STREAMin³ curriculum his center used. Thanks to this early learning experience, my son is excelling in kindergarten, both academically and developmentally. He learned early letter recognition and the foundations for reading. Midway through his kindergarten year, he is already reading at a first-grade level. He also learned regulatory and problem-solving skills to help him navigate the various behavioral challenges that a lot of kindergarteners face. Most important, my son has developed a love of learning that has made his elementary school experience extraordinary.  

It is a great hands-on and fun curriculum that really focuses on what children need to be ready for kindergarten. The teachers find it easy to follow, and the model gives them loads of support in implementing it.

Exterior of The New E3 school at dusk

See STREAMin³ in Action

STREAMin³ was developed through a partnership with E3 to be used at The New E3 School. See how it’s cultivated an atmosphere where children feel inspired to learn and grow together.

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