Monthly Wednesday Webinar Series

Keep the learning going with our monthly webinar series

Missed one of our Live Monthly Wednesday Webinars or want to revisit a topic? We’ve got you covered.

Check out the recordings from our previous webinars below. These monthly 30-minute webinars, featuring STREAMin³ coaches and special guests, are for all STREAMin³ educators and program staff.

Literacy in STREAMin³

Date: 11/29/23
Length: 30 minutes

In this webinar, join us as we learn from special guest Dr. Sonia Cabell about early writing best practices and explore ways STREAMin³ aims to incorporate those best practices.

Dr. Cabell is a leading expert in ECE literacy from Florida State University. You can learn more about her by visiting her bio page

Additional Resources: 

Connecting the Dots: Using VKRP, VLP, and CLASS with STREAMin³

Date: 10/25/23
Length: 20 minutes

In this webinar, we answer questions we’ve collected from you! We discuss how STREAMin3 is aligned with VKRP, VLP, and CLASS. Our STREAMin3 coaches share how to use curriculum resources and the data you collect from these tools to best inform your instruction.

Additional Resources: The STREAMin³ Assessment Guide with additional resources and guidance can be found in the digital Curriculum Portal

Supporting Infants with STREAMin³

Date: 09/27/23
Length: 30 minutes

In this webinar, STREAMin³ coaches explore how the curriculum encourages responsive caregiving that meets the needs of infants and supports the development of the Core Skills. We covered topics related to high-quality interactions with infants and the STREAMin3 resources available to support your youngest learners.

Additional Resources: The STREAMin³ Infant Guide with additional resources and guidance can be found in the digital Curriculum Portal.


2023-2024 Monthly Wednesday Webinar Schedule

Sep. 27 - Supporting Infants with STREAMin³

Learn how you can support our youngest learners across the Core Skills with our STREAMin³ coaches.

Oct. 25 - Connecting the Dots

Learn how to use the data from VKRP, VLP, and CLASS alongside STREAMin³ to improve child outcomes and interactions in the classroom.

Nov. 29 - Literacy in STREAMin³

Learn about preschool early writing best practices with leading ECE literacy expert Sonia Cabell, Ph.D. Then, hear from our team on how STREAMin³ aims to use those best practices.

Jan. 24 - Modifying STREAMin³

Learn how you can modify STREAMin³ to meet the needs of each child, educator, and program.

Feb. 28 - Exploring the STREAM Skills

Learn how STREAMin³ embeds STREAM Skills into the curriculum to help prepare children for success in kindergarten and beyond.

Mar. 27 - Supporting Core Skills Through Dramatic Play

Learn how to make the most of your space and interactions with children during dramatic play.

Apr. 24 - Take STREAMin³ Outside

Here comes spring! Explore how to use intentional interactions and materials to support the Core and STREAM Skills outside.

May 22 - Supporting Every Learner and Family

Each family and child has their own background, ideas, skills, and culture. Learn about STREAMin³ resources that can help you connect with each family and child.